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About us

I wish my introduction to drinking wine was a little more fancy, but I actually started out drinking white zinfandel out of a box with cheap cheese and calling it a wine and cheese party — but it was classy because we dressed up. As I kept drinking wine and started taking some wine business classes at Cal Poly SLO, I realized I was in love! So a few(or 5) years later, I had a Bachelors Degree in Wine Business. After a couple years in the wine industry I found Sovino Wine Bar & Merchant, formerly Wine from the Heart, on Craigslist of all places. After opening in May 2014, and not wanting to stop there, I quickly embarked on training, and became a Sommelier 6 months later. Even after all my education and training, for me, the most important part of wine is still that people drink what they like, and do so around friends and family, and while listening to great music!


– Claire Sutton